The significance of the “About Us” page
October 20, 2009 by Kevin Sterner

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I thought this article by Tom Young was insightful. I think I’ll go reevaluate my “About” page…


The About Us page does not always get the attention it deserves and often fails to drive
Website conversions. Don’t take this page for granted, discount viagra sildenafil as Website visitors to these pages
should be considered qualified prospects. Users do not click randomly on Website pages
and a visit to the About Us page shows a high level of interest. Here are a few tips and
suggestions to improve your About Us page and drive more conversions.

Reinforce Your Brand
The home page should be a clear branding statement for your company. The About Us
page can go into great detail and support that branding statement and your position.
The stronger the connection between the About Us page and the brand, sovaldi sale the higher your
conversion rate. Use the About Us page to reinforce your philosophy and business approach.
This should connect with the users motivations for being on the page and build trust.

Drive Traffic to the About Us Page
Up to 5% of our clients’ Website visitors click on the About Us page. These pages will get more
clicks if the About Us page link is prominently displayed in the navigation menu.

Company History
The About Us page is a great place to display company history. This adds value and builds trust
as it supports the brand. It is also used to support your home page messaging. This carries a lot
of credibility and will drive conversions as users better understand your business.

Team Member Photos and Bios
Seeing real people behind a Website and a business is a huge trust builder. Make yourself look
good with professional photography and keep the photos consistent. Include a caption with each
staff photo and a brief bio.

Client List and Testimonials
Your client lists and/or sample customers are a testament to your business success and should be
included on the About Us page. List your clients by name with a brief description of the products or
services provided to them. The About Us page is a great place to put client comments, testimonials
and case studies. If possible, include a photo or company logo of your client or customer.

Use customer first names only to maintain privacy.

As you can see, the About Us page is critical to success on the Web. Make sure you title
the link “About Us” in your navigation menu and follow these suggestions to drive results
for your Website.

Thomas Young is CEO and President of Intuitive Websites, a Colorado Springs
based Internet marketing, Website design and usability firm. To learn more
about Tom visit He can be reached at: or 719-231-6916.

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