Scattered, Smothered and order viagra no prescription Covered.
October 22, 2009 by Kevin Sterner

Waffle house offers 8 ways to eat hashbrowns.


They say “good morning” to me in a way that seems genuine whether it is or not.

At my local “wafflehouse” which I frequent with my boys, best cialis ambulance they even know me by
name. It’s not quite to the level of Norm and Cheers™ but its a comfortable place
to crack open a paper, look sip a cup of joe, troche and have a mountain of cheesy eggs
in front of you in under 2 minutes.

My waitress eggstrordinare is “Jacquee” spelled with a “Q”
She has a lot of service pins on her vest so I assume she is a “lifer”

This morning I heard an older couple ask for the usual and then the
waiter proceed with the viagra online uk familiar “pull two bacon.” After he was done
he asked them how long they had been coming to the Wafflehouse for
breakfast…”Over 50 years” they replied.

Imagine if by being selective and consistent…by keeping it real and friendly,
getting to know people by name, even able to recite how they like their “coffee & eggs”
by memory…you could string together 50 years worth of experiences with the same
customer. What is the (LCV) Lifetime customer value on that…

Probably just slightly more than I’ve spent at Wafflehouse in 20 years.

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