No. What do you DO?
October 24, 2009 by Kevin Sterner


I saw this sign at a McDonald’s this morning, cialis sales sovaldi and it reminded me of a simple but profound question that I ask my clients…”What do you do?” It may seem easy enough to answer but the answer should convey more than just a profession…it should communicate passion.

I get asked what I do all the time. I admit I am tempted to answer differently every time.

I am a designer.
I am an artist.
I am a communicator.
I am a brand strategist.
I am starting to bore myself.

These are just categories. A sorting device that is marginally helpful in differentiating myself.

What if I said something more provactive…that actually incited more questions and buy viagra professional online cultivated more interest in what I was doing or offering…

I am an agent of clarity.
I am an imagineer. ( thank Disney for this term )
I am a brand storyteller.

Now we’re getting some where.

What do you do?


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