Listen, Surprise, Delight, Repeat.
October 21, 2009 by Kevin Sterner

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“His house was perfect, viagra canada drugs
whether you liked food, tadalafil click or sleep, sovaldi or work, or story-telling, or singing, or just sitting and thinking, best, or a pleasant mixture of them all.” JRR Tolkien ( referencing Bilbo Baggins Home )

I took a page from my own book tonight. With the onset of fall, and the crispness in the air,
I heard several of my family members mention that certain foods sounded good based on the
clear advent of the fall season here in Atlanta. I headed to the store intending to surprise the
family by cooking. Somehow every one loves it. I must confess I love that they love it.

I think I am the most satisfied when I’ve satisfied others. Let’s face it, my wife loves it because
she doesn’t have to cook. The kids love it because they like my food preferences, basically
anything on the grill, and my in-laws (who live with us) love it because, they usually get swept
up into the family food prep and this gives them a break too.

My menu tonight consisted of:

Blackberry Glazed Pork Tenderloin
Buttery Sweet “Silver Queen” Corn
Baked Apples
and Fresh Pressed Cider

A perfect fall meal. If I do say so myself. Everyone loved it as evidenced by their fawning
over the chef. Must admit I love that too. After doing this now about once a month, I have
cemented my position as an epicurean giant among the Sterner clan.

The point…even in a domestic situation, I was reminded that the people like to be surprised
and delighted. They are surprised the most when they realize someone was actually listening.
“Experiences” become beloved and “tradition” when they are ritualized and repeated.

I ( listened ) to my target audience who were predisposed to a taste of fall.
I ( surprised ) them by doing something unexpected when “dad” came home with a bag of groceries.
I ( delighted ) them with a “special meal” and “the night off…for mom”
I intend to ( repeat ) this ritual and insure my place in the pantheon of IRON CHEFS

What would happen if you listened to, surprised, and delighted your customers time and time again.

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